Prof. Sandu Popescu, FRS

Professor of Physics, University of Bristol

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My Research Interests

My main research interest is in fundamental aspects of quantum physics. The fact that so often one discovers seemingly paradoxical new quantum effects is a signature that a deep and intuitive understanding is still missing. My main goal is to reach such an understanding. 

A major focus of my research has been quantum entanglement and non-locality. This led me to do pioneering work in what became the area of quantum information and computation and to establish some of the central concepts of this new field.

I have contributed to many other aspects of quantum theory, ranging from well established subjects to those that my collaborators and I initiated such as pre- and post-selected quantum states, entangled-photon spectroscopy and nonlocal correlations beyond quantum mechanics. More recently I worked in the foundations of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, proving from first principles some of its basic postulates.

Whilst my work focuses mainly on fundamental, theoretical aspects of quantum theory, I also greatly enjoy engaging with experimentalists. In particular I designed and participated in the first teleportation experiment, one of the most famous experiments in the field of quantum information. I have also patented commercial practical applications.